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Variant Creator, PGN disassembler tool.

el Mar 29 Jul - 1:07
Variant Creator, PGN disassembler tool.:-

I have written a program to produce games starting from the variants of a database.
The program reads a PGN file and produces a PGN file with the games corresponding to the variants of the original file.
From the original file is gotten a file with n. games for n. variants.
We have a PGN file with 2 games, a game with 3 variants and a game with five variants.
With the program we get a PGN file with eight games, a game for every variant.
Download VariantCreator: -
Download Here

Note : Please download as soon as possible because i do;t keep any back up of the things i upload and once the link is dead then i am helpless too.
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