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Chess Periodicals: Updates

el Mar 15 Jul - 23:39
Chess Periodicals: Updates:-

In January, FIDE made the FIDE Student Magazine available free (previously it was available only to Premium members).

The first free issue was FSM064. The sequence is now up to FSM079s, with FSM080 due at the weekend.

FSM064-079 are all available (English version) here:

Maybe some of the other languages (Arabic, French, German, Italian, Russian, ..., 11 in all) can be made available as well. Let me know if there is a significant demand.

[also posted on the simple materials thread - that seemed appropriate - but here is surely the right place to archive them.]
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Re: Chess Periodicals: Updates

el Miér 16 Jul - 15:38
Nikisharma, es imposible pillar algo de lo que tu subes.

Nada mas subirlo desaparece o no se encuentra.

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