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The Closed Sicilian - King

el Vie 4 Jul 2014 - 12:04
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The Closed Sicilian - King:-

The Closed Sicilian has always been a great favorite with chess club and tournament players. Here, Grand Master Daniel King explains the strategy and tactics of this dynamic opening variation, using model games for both sides to illustrate the important ideas. Armed with this book, readers will have everything they need to know to play the opening with either White or Black.

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Note : Please download as soon as possible because i do;t keep any back up of the things i upload and once the link is dead then i am helpless too.
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Re: The Closed Sicilian - King

el Vie 4 Jul 2014 - 14:56
Esta fuera de linea.Por favor ponlo de nuevo, gracias.
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Re: The Closed Sicilian - King

el Vie 21 Jul 2017 - 17:23
Muchisimas gracias!
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Re: The Closed Sicilian - King

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