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el Miér 2 Jul 2014 - 17:45

Released version
Recommended "manual" update. If updated automatically, during the update will be issued 3-4 errors due to the mismatch version and the new version of the server. After closing the windows errors client restart in normal mode.

- Fixed saving of parties in PGN
- Fixed saving position in FEN
- fixed bug in stroke Advance cliques
- the program options added flag "Receive Files". If it is not, then it will be impossible to accept the file (protection against spammers)
- fixed bug team chat
- buttons added to the tab "Teams" for basic operations with them
- recaps the tournament is now displayed under its rules (on the right of the tournament list)
- added possibility of transferring rights to the assistant captain
- emphasis added his premuva on the board
- added a personal challenge to Advance game
- launched shortchanging rating advansovyh games
- create tournaments and teams can now only gaming.

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