Rodent polyglot book

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Rodent polyglot book

Mensaje por nikisharma el Jue Abr 10, 2014 3:56 pm

Rodent polyglot book

by Pawel Koziol

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A couple of highlights:

- dislikes Petroff and Qc2 Nimzo-Indian
- likes 4.e3 with early Nge2 in Nimzo-Indian, occasionally plays 3.c3 in Sicilian and d3 in Ruy Lopez
- I tried to avoid short lines whenever possible, using big sample of long drawn games by players of at least IM strength
- in manually checked lines (about 1.500) moves with probability < 10% were pruned

Known defects:

- French, King's Indian and especially Gruenfeld weren't checked manually as thoroughly as other lines
- needs more refutations against obscure lines (some stuff has been t added manually, but not enough)


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