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el Lun 7 Abr 2014 - 8:44

This is a perfect opening manual. The program features a theoretical review of all the chess openings, which are illustrated by instructive games of the chess players in XIX and XX centuries. This compact opening manual contains a detailed classification, which makes it useful to players of any level - beginners, intermediate and advanced players. Each opening variation is supplied with evaluations and characteristics of the key moves. The history of the variations' development is perfectly described, as well as their current status. The theoretic material is nicely illustrated by classic games with detailed annotations that demonstrate the principal ideas and plans of each variation for White and Black. The material presented here was selected by the ICCF grandmaster Kalinichenko. The program allows users to add, edit and print the chess material, to analyze positions and to play against the built-in Crafty, Delfi and Dragon programs, to find games and positions according to complex criteria, to find the strongest moves in the test mode and much more. * Languages: English SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: IBM-compatible PC, 64 Mb RAM, Hard Disk 200 Mb, of free disk space, Windows 2000/NT/ME/XP/2003/Vista, CD-ROM drive. No additional software is required.

Note : Please download as soon as possible because i do;t keep any back up of the things i upload and once the link is dead then i am helpless too.
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