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The Art of Defense in Chess - Soltis

el Dom 6 Abr 2014 - 7:35
The Art of Defense in Chess - Soltis:-

Most games are not won, they are lost. The vast majority of
instructional books tell how to improve a position when it
is already (or maybe) favorable. The Art of Defense in
Chess analyzes the practical aspects of not having the advantage:

How to obtain counterplay
When to contest open lines
When to accept sacrifices
How to anticipate short- and long-term threats
How to restrain your opponents piece
How to create a defense perimeter
How to minimize losses

The Art of Defense ln Chess also discusses the proper psychologi-
cal attitudes for successful defense such as coolness under fire,
the Saving Grace, and stonewalling-as well as the Principle of
Exploitable Weakness and the Principle of Economy, as illustrated
in more than one hundred positions taken from competitive play.

Strange enough, this book was never shared before. It is considered almost a classic, but it was written in pre-computer era and, therefore, some of the variations are not engine-proof. I read it a few years ago and I remember that in some cases, while Soltis was praising a certain defensive plan, the computer could find a decisive improvement for the attacker. I suppose, though, the educational value of the book is, overall, preserved.

Soltis - The Art of Defense in Chess

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Re: The Art of Defense in Chess - Soltis

el Vie 6 Ene 2017 - 20:27
alguien podria resubirlo por favor?
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